Sen. Rick Scott Announces Miami Shores Police Chief David Golt as State of the Union Guest

February 6, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced that he will bring Miami Shores Police Department Police Chief David Golt as his guest to President Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 7 at the U.S. Capitol.


Senator Rick Scott said, “I am honored to have Miami Shores Police Chief David Golt as my guest to the State of the Union address. I’ve had the chance to work closely with Chief Golt, who has tragically been forced to deal with this deadly crisis as both a leader in law enforcement and a parent. In December 2021, Chief Golt lost his son, Zachary, to fentanyl, and joined the hundreds of thousands of American families who have had their hearts broken and loved ones taken away by this deadly drug. While we cannot reverse the damage fentanyl has done, we can and must keep working to tell these stories, make sure families like Chief Golt’s know they are not alone and finally end this devastating epidemic. Fentanyl is a killer that does not discriminate by race, political party, age or background and the wide open southern border we have today is allowing it to pour into our communities like never before. The Golt family and every American who whose been hurt by this terrible drug deserve better and I won’t stop fighting until we end the lawlessness, death and suffering that fentanyl has caused across our nation.”


Miami Shores Police Department Police Chief David Golt said, “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of legislation to help stop the horrific plague that fentanyl has caused on our society and the many families that it affects. This includes my family as we lost our son Zachary on December 26, 2021 to the scourge of fentanyl; it can happen to any family. My family and I express heartfelt gratitude to Senator Scott for his efforts and concerns.”


In the United States Senate, Senator Scott has been fighting to put an end to the fentanyl epidemic that’s devastating communities and American families: