VIDEO RELEASE Save the Sunshine: Sen. Rick Scott Renews Call to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

November 3, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Senator Rick and Marco Rubio reintroduced the bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act, to end the twice-yearly time change and make Daylight Saving Time the national year-round standard. In 2018, as Governor of Florida, Senator Scott signed legislation which, pending federal approval, would exempt Florida from the time change practice and allow the state to remain on Daylight Saving Time year round. In March 2022, the Senate unanimously passed the Sunshine Protection Act. The legislation went to the House where it awaited action and failed to pass by the end of the 117th Congress—Senator Scott and Rubio are urging their colleagues to get it over the finish line this year.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Permanent daylight saving time means more time in the sunshine and that's something everybody should support. I constantly hear from Floridians on this – changing the clock twice a year is outdated, confusing and completely unnecessary. When I was governor of Florida, I was proud to sign a bill into law that will stop the clocks on the state level, but we need federal action. I’m proud to fight alongside Senator Rubio to pass our bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act and make a permanent change that benefits families in Florida and across the nation. It’s time to get this bill across the finish line and on the president’s desk.”