IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott on WFLA News Channel 8: Biden’s Inflation Crisis is Hurting Florida Families

July 25, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, over the weekend, Senator Rick Scott hosted a roundtable in Tampa with community and business leaders about the negative impacts of America’s raging inflation and supply chain crises on small businesses across Florida. In an interview with WFLA following this event, Senator Scott highlighted the importance of stopping Washington’s reckless tax-and-spend spree which is fueling the record-breaking inflation crisis hurting families across Florida. This year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Tampa Bay area has consistently ranked among areas with the highest levels of inflation nationwide. 


Watch the full interview HERE or below.

As someone who grew up poor in public housing and watched his parents struggle to make ends meet, Senator Rick Scott knows firsthand how devastating inflation can be on hardworking families. Senator Scott has been clear that the Biden administration needs to take responsibility for its reckless spending and develop a plan to curb the harmful impacts of rising inflation on American families. That’s why Senator Scott has introduced the Supply Chain Emergency Response Act, the Federal Debt Emergency Control Act , the Full Faith and Credit Act, to rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending and tackle our nation’s debt. Additionally, Senator Scott recently went to the Senate floor to pass his bill establishing a budgetary point of order that stops reckless, inflation-fueling spending. Senator Scott’s bill, which would not apply to funding for the Armed Forces, Social Security or Medicare, would halt any non-defense discretionary spending that increases the deficit over the ten-year budget window when the average annual CPI inflation is 3% or higher. Senate Democrats rejected his initial proposal, as well as his subsequent counter proposals to pin the point of order at 8% and 12% inflation.


Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott has repeatedly urged action to address America’s debt crisis and the harmful effects of inflation. Click HERE for a comprehensive list of his statements and actions on this urgent issue.