VIDEO RELEASE: Heartless Democrats Block Sen. Rick Scott’s Urgent Request to Combat Inflation Crisis

May 18, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, as record-breaking inflation continues to devastate families in Florida and across America, Senator Rick Scott asked for unanimous consent on the Senate floor to pass his bill establishing a budgetary point of order that stops reckless, inflation-fueling spending. Senator Scott’s bill, which would not apply to funding for the Armed Forces, Social Security or Medicare, would halt any non-defense discretionary spending that increases the deficit over the ten-year budget window when the average annual CPI inflation is 3% or higher. Senate Democrats rejected his initial proposal, as well as his subsequent counter proposals to pin the point of order at 8% and 12% inflation. The Federal Reserve targets a 2% inflation rate, far lower than any of the levels rejected today by Senate Democrats.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Senate Democrats are heartless and proved again today that they don’t care about reversing Joe Biden’s record-breaking inflation crisis. After three years in the Senate, I’ve become familiar with seeing Democrats reject commonsense policy, but their decision today to greenlight reckless deficit spending, even when inflation rises above 12%, is absolutely insane. Families all across America are suffering. For our poorest families, like mine growing up, Biden’s raging inflation crisis is totally devastating. This crisis was created by Joe Biden, but the only response to skyrocketing prices we’ve seen from him is blaming others. Sadly, Biden’s blame-game has been enabled by weak Democrats in Congress who would rather provide political cover for a confused and failed president than actually help struggling families. Floridians are sick and tired of it and I’ll never stop fighting to stop Biden’s disastrous inflation agenda.”


Watch more HERE, HERE and HERE or in the videos below.

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