Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s Amnesty Plan is Irresponsible and Does Nothing To Secure the Border

January 21, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after President Biden released portions of his proposed immigration plan.

Senator Rick Scott said, “No more than a day after being sworn in, President Biden and Chuck Schumer’s Senate Democrats are already pushing a radical immigration agenda of amnesty and open borders. They have paused deportations of illegal immigrants and implemented policies that will create a humanitarian crisis at the border once again, threatening American safety and depleting Border Patrol resources. He plans to change our immigration system without any mention of border security. Providing full amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants with no efforts whatsoever to secure the border and ensure this doesn't happen again makes no sense. Surely substantial changes to our immigration system are needed, but blanket amnesty is not the answer. I’ve long called for reforms to fix the broken immigration system and believe we must take swift action to address this critical issue, including providing real, long-term solutions for TPS and DACA. If Congress ever wants to find genuine consensus and permanent solutions, we have to start with securing the border and implementing safeguards against bad actors and those seeking to break our laws.”