WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Senator Rick Scott is urging Democrats to recognize their hypocrisy in refusing to support a major disaster relief package that would help Florida recover following the devastation of Hurricane Michael. Significant funding is also included for Puerto Rico because of the amendment Senator Scott proposed in January.

THEN: When New York and New Jersey were hurting after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Democrats aggressively pushed for a bi-partisan disaster relief package.

Chuck Schumer even said at the time that disaster funding was a “common-sense and simple way” to provide quick relief. He also said:

  • “We’ve waited 91 long days. We can’t wait any longer.” (New York Times, Accessed 3/27/19)
  • “Do not ignore the needs of New Yorkers and New Jerseyites and others who have suffered.” (C-Span, Accessed 3/27/19)
  • “We beat back all of the crippling amendments and most of the amendments and it’s a very fine day I think for the Senate. The century-old tradition of different parts of the country rallying to help those that are beleaguered because of a difficult natural disaster is continuing.” (C-Span, Accessed 3/27/19)

Kirsten Gillibrand at the time said:

  • “This is a very important first step because it will allow the money for homes to start being rebuilt… it will also allow small businesses access to capital to start fixing their businesses again.” (C-Span, Accessed 3/27/19)
  • “Every time we’ve seen a disaster in this country, we all rally to that area of the country. That’s what we’ve always done. That’s what we asked our colleagues to do again here.” (C-Span, Accessed 3/27/19)
  • “We as neighbor to neighbor will always stand next to those in need in their time of need.” (C-Span, Accessed 3/27/19)

NOW: Democrats are now attempting to stall critical funding to support relief and recovery for Florida and Puerto Rico.  

Senator Rick Scott said, “Families in Florida and Puerto Rico need our help, but the Democrats are blocking critical disaster relief funding from getting to the floor. Democrats wouldn’t stand for this when their states were hurting after Hurricane Sandy. Now, every Democrat should have to answer for their hypocrisy. It’s time for Democrats to put the needs of American families above politics, and I’m urging every Senator to support this funding NOW.”