WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Senator Rick Scott filed an amendment to the Republican leadership’s government funding bill to provide an additional $600 million in disaster recovery funding for Puerto Rico. The funding was included in a House version of the funding bill but not in the Senate version.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The most important thing to every American is action over words. In Florida, we took aggressive action to support Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican community since before Hurricane Maria even made landfall, but our work isn’t done. Puerto Rico’s success is America’s success and Puerto Rico’s recovery is America’s recovery. Today, I’m introducing an amendment to ensure Puerto Rico has the resources they need to continue to rebuild and recover.

“Puerto Rico does not have a voice in the United States Senate. I intend to be that voice. I’m proud to fight for the people of Puerto Rico and will continue to do everything I can to take action for the Puerto Rican community, both in Florida and on the island.”

Congresswoman Jenniffer González Colón said, “I am thrilled to have a partner in the U.S. Senate that makes Puerto Rico a priority. As Governor, Senator Scott was there when Puerto Rico needed it most – and he has already proven that he will be a voice for Puerto Rico in the Senate. This funding is so important to help Puerto Rico continue to recover after Hurricane Maria, and I thank Senator Scott for taking quick action to make this happen. I look forward to working closely with Senator Scott to support the Puerto Rican community.”