WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, as the Federal Reserve concludes its two-day meeting, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement ahead of Chairman Jay Powell’s remarks to the media.

Over the past month, Senator Scott has called on the Federal Reserve and National Economic Council to provide an outline explaining how they plan to address rising inflation. No such plan has been announced.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Washington is on a path of economic self-destruction. For years, I have been speaking out about the dangers of unsustainable federal debt and Washington’s terrible habit of reckless and wasteful spending. Now, the debt is heading toward $30 trillion and inflation is rising. These are serious issues that significantly impact Florida families. As inflation rises, the prices of everyday goods, like gas and groceries, goes up. These spiraling costs disproportionately hurt families, like mine growing up, that have to make ends meet on low or fixed-income.

Democrats in Washington can’t keep ignoring America’s debt crisis and the toll it will take on America’s families and businesses. President Biden and Chairman Powell should know that I am watching and scrutinizing their every move impacting our nation’s debt and inflation rate. I will do everything in my power to protect and save taxpayer dollars, and to ensure that American families are not burdened by debt and taxes caused by needless government spending.”