Ahead of June Jobs Report, Sen. Rick Scott Slams Biden’s Lies

July 3, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, ahead of the release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ June jobs report, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement calling out the Biden administration for touting doctored jobs numbers and then quietly revising the data. Since President Biden took office, nearly every single jobs report has been revised down while his so-called “Bidenomics” agenda has bankrupted American families who are struggling to afford basic necessities like gas, rent and groceries with inflation that’s up 20% since January 2021.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Ahead of this week’s jobs report, I want to make something very clear to Floridians: in this latest report the Biden administration will again try to spin the data and trick folks into thinking our economy is on the right track. Sadly it's a lie. We want a strong economy and a great jobs market, but this administration has had to revise down nearly every single jobs report since Biden took office because his radical agenda is killing opportunity for American families. For example, the White House isn't telling you that there are 100 million working age and able-bodied Americans who have abandoned the workforce because Democrat policies across the country are incentivizing government welfare programs over jobs and self-reliance. That’s terrible for our country.


"Floridians are smart and know the truth, and they can feel the impacts of the Bidenomics agenda working against them. In previous months the only ‘job growth’ actually seen was folks taking on multiple part-time jobs because full-time jobs are disappearing as a result of Democrat policies which make it difficult for American companies to compete globally. That means that hardworking Americans cannot afford to buy necessities like gas and groceries on their current paychecks. Everywhere you look, American families are suffering more under Biden’s failed leadership and no amount of lies in the press or in White House press releases will change that sad reality for hardworking families. It has never been more clear that we need a big change in the White House because the Bidenomics agenda is one big failure after another. Florida families deserve better, and I am working hard every day to bring them the change they deserve.”