Sen. Rick Scott Demands President Biden Reimpose Sanctions Against the Maduro Regime

April 4, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement demanding immediate action from President Biden to reimpose sanctions on Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro. In October 2023, the Biden administration was played by Nicolás Maduro and his thugs and made a bad deal to lift sanctions, believing Maduro’s lie that his regime would allow free and fair elections in Venezuela. Since then, Maduro and his thugs have unjustly arrested several opposition leaders and blocked María Corina Machado from being on this year’s election ballot.


Senator Rick Scott said, “President Biden and his administration got played by Dictator Nicolás Maduro and his thugs. It is absolutely pathetic that the president of the United States ran into the arms of a ruthless, murdering dictator and did exactly what they wanted. At the end of the day, Maduro failed to keep his promise to honor the legitimate candidacy of María Corina Machado and hold a free and fair election this year in Venezuela. Now Biden must honor his word and reimpose sanctions on the murderous Maduro regime. Maduro works with Iran, Russia, Middle East extremist terror groups, Communist China and Cuba. All evil regimes that hate America. He, just like his comrades in those countries, is a genocidal tyrant and a liar and yet Biden decided to trust him. Lifting U.S. sanctions and allowing money to flow into Venezuela because you’re counting on the word of a mad dictator is one of the most ridiculous things I could have imagined from this president. President Biden failed the American people and the Venezuelan people. It’s time for him and his administration to acknowledge their failure and immediately reimpose sanctions on Nicolás Maduro. Joe Biden has been a disaster for the fight for freedom and democracy in Venezuela, but we will continue working alongside the freedom-loving Venezuelan people to bring democracy back to their country.”


Since President Biden’s failed deal with Maduro was first announced, Senator Scott has put pressure on the Biden administration to stand up for freedom and democracy in Venezuela. See the Senator’s actions below: