VIDEO RELEASE: In Case You Missed It… Sen. Rick Scott & Colleagues Express Loss-of-Confidence in Sec. Mayorkas

January 9, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott joined Senator Roger Marshall and their colleagues in requesting unanimous consent on a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas does not have the confidence of the Senate or of the American people to faithfully carry out the duties of his office. The resolution calls out Secretary Mayorkas for failing to secure the U.S. southern border, allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country, including a record number of terrorists, among other egregious acts while Secretary. Senator Tom Carper blocked its passage.

Since President Biden took office, there have been more than 6.7 million encounters at the southern border. Additionally, since January 2021, an estimated 1.7 million known gotaways have evaded U.S. Border Patrol. In November 2023 alone, Customs and Border Protection recorded 242,418 encounters at the southern border, a nearly 40% increase compared to November 2021. This included 4,797 Chinese nationals, a nearly 800% increase compared to November 2022, and 18 more individuals whose names appear on the terrorist watch list.

Watch Senator Scott’s speech HERE or below. Read the full resolution HERE.