Sen. Rick Scott on PPI Inflation Report: Bidenomics is Ruining Floridians’ American Dream

September 14, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which showed inflation continued to rise. Since Joe Biden became president, PPI has risen 17.6%.


Senator Rick Scott said, “With PPI inflation now up 17.6% since Joe Biden took office, small businesses across Florida have only one choice: raise prices or go under. That means that hardworking Florida families are continuing to suffer from high prices everywhere they go: the gas pump, the grocery store and their favorite local shop. It’s destroying their budgets and savings and making the American Dream nearly impossible to reach. I recently heard from a first responder in Southwest Florida who told me, ‘… gas money to and from work is outrageous, and the cost of food has increased substantially. All of this makes it unaffordable to both live and work in Southwest Florida. I am unable to buy a home in the community that I serve...’ It’s heartbreaking to hear this from any Floridian and especially infuriating to hear it from someone who is putting their safety at risk to serve others. As we work on government funding bills for the coming fiscal year, we have an opportunity to stop Washington’s reckless spending that keeps fueling inflation. I’m hell bent on getting that done and forcing Washington to finally work for Florida families.”


According to today’s PPI release, price increases over the year in August included:

  • Beef: +16.3%
  • Coffee: +13.7%
  • Soap & Detergent: +11.1%
  • Rice: +7.9%
  • Pet Food: +7.7%
  • Bakery Products: +4.9%


Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott has repeatedly urged action to address America’s debt crisis and the harmful effects of inflation. Click HERE for a comprehensive list of his statements and actions on this urgent issue.