Sen. Rick Scott to President Biden: Stop Holding Disaster Aid Hostage as a Political Tool

August 23, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement in response to a recent statement from President Biden regarding severe weather. Right now, President Biden is standing with Washington Democrats in blocking the quick approval of money to fund FEMA's Disaster Relief Fund and instead is insisting it is tied to Ukraine aid and other unrelated spending. Earlier this year, absent action from the Biden administration during Florida’s hurricane season, Senators Scott and Marco Rubio introduced the Disaster Relief Fund Replenishment Act to provide $11.5 billion in needed funding to ensure the federal government can uphold its obligation to quickly deploy emergency funding and resources to communities and Americans impacted by natural disasters. Senator Schumer has so far refused to put this bill on the floor for a vote.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Statements from this president pushing a radical climate agenda while refusing to commit to action are cheap and unacceptable. The same goes for his insistence that disaster aid be tied to Ukraine aid and other unrelated spending. We are in the middle of hurricane season. There's no logic behind tying disaster aid to anything else and doing so only causes inexcusable delays that hurt Floridians and every other American who may face a disaster. I have been fighting to get aid to those in need following recent disasters, and to make sure FEMA has the resources it needs to respond to future disasters, but I've been met with silence from this administration and Democrats in Washington. Enough is enough. It's time to pass the Disaster Relief Fund Replenishment Act and stop playing games with disaster aid.”