Sen. Rick Scott: Communist China Exploits Biden’s Weakness with Cuban Spy Base

June 8, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, following confirmed reporting by the Wall Street Journal of a secret agreement between Communist China and the illegitimate, communist Cuban regime to establish a spy facility on the island targeting American business and military operations, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement:


Senator Rick Scott said, “Almost two years since the historic freedom demonstrations in Cuba, Joe Biden is not standing up for democracy but instead ensuring his legacy will be his horrific failures to stop the spread of evil across the world. America’s enemies know Biden is too weak to stand up against them, so they are taking advantage of the hospitality offered by the illegitimate communist regime in Cuba. I pray that President Biden will defy our expectations and finally take a stand against this TODAY. This move by Communist China presents grave threats to America’s national security that cannot be ignored. Every American should be up in arms about this. It’s not just spying on the government, which is bad enough, it’s spying on you, seeing your emails and your data. If Biden gives a damn about the security of our country and safety of our people, he will speak on this today, demand that Chuck Schumer set dates for security briefings and public hearings in the Senate and announce action to push back on Communist China’s unacceptable aggression. The appeasement and weakness must end now. We cannot allow these two corrupt, murderous regimes to move forward with their evil plans to harm Americans and weaken the United States.”