IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… WINK News Highlights Sen. Rick Scott’s Push to Put Parents in Charge, Keep Kids Safe From Unrestricted AI

June 8, 2023

FT. MYERS, Fla. – In case you missed it, as artificial intelligence developments continue to advance and concerns with the technology grow, Ft. Myers’ WINK News highlighted Senator Rick Scott’s newly introduced Artificial Intelligence Shield for Kids (ASK) Act. Senator Scott’s legislation would prevent children from accessing artificial intelligence features on social media sites without the consent of a parent or guardian. Additionally, the bill requires the Federal Communications Commission, in consultation with the Federal Trade Commission, to issue rules prohibiting social media companies from charging a fee or mandating a paid subscription, as Snapchat has recently done, before allowing parents or kids to remove artificial intelligence features from products used by minors.


See the interview HERE or below.