Sen. Rick Scott Announces Support of Baltic Defense and Deterrence Act

May 17, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced his support for Senator Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin’s Baltic Defense and Deterrence Act, a bipartisan and bicameral bill to effectively codify the Baltic Security Initiative effort and create a complementary initiative at the U.S. Department of State. Jointly, these two efforts will enhance and strengthen U.S. security and economic cooperation with the Baltics amid Russia’s continued aggression toward the Baltics and heightened tensions with Communist China.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Baltic nations are playing a critical role in ensuring freedom and democracy may exist across Europe, working to end tyranny in Russia and highlighting the need for an ironclad commitment to human rights in the face of increasing threats from Communist China. The world could learn a lesson from the bravery shown by these people and their governments. Not only has Lithuania stood unapologetically beside Taiwan and in support of its democracy, it has countered the illegitimate communist dictatorship in Cuba by opposing a planned European Union investment treaty with the evil Castro/Diaz-Canel regime. These small nations are essential to America’s national security interests, and economic strength in the region, and have shown incredible resolve in the face of threats from tyrants and resisted the spread of socialism. I urge my colleagues to stand up against tyranny and aggression and support our allies in the Baltic region by supporting this important bill.”