IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott and Rep. Matt Rosendale in Fox News: Americans are on the hook for this crazy amount of debt. Republicans want to return sanity to fiscal talks

April 26, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, as Congress moves forward this week on a debt limit plan, Senator Rick Scott and Representative Matt Rosendale wrote an op-ed for Fox News expressing their support for Speaker McCarthy’s sweeping debt limit package that repeals President Biden and Washington Democrats’ obsession with over-taxing and over-spending while reforming the wasteful practices responsible for bringing America’s debt to $31 trillion.


In their op-ed, Senator Rick Scott and Representative Matt Rosendale wrote, “The Republican solution to America’s debt ceiling problem is to return power back to where it belongs: with the American people. We seek to fundamentally transform the way Washington works.



The broken status quo in Washington has failed and put American families on the hook for more than $31 trillion in debt. What we are proposing is commonsense reforms and accountability that returns power to American taxpayers and takes it out of Washington.



Last week, House Republicans made clear that this is the way to move forward in addressing the debt ceiling. The proposal released by Speaker McCarthy won’t be popular with the Washington elites that have gotten rich on decades of government waste, but it is being totally embraced by the American people who are fed up with Congress not being accountable to them.



Democrats know that the American people don’t support their radical agenda, but they will do anything possible to strip power from the people so they can advance it. We say enough.


The President is unwilling to work with Speaker McCarthy on the debt ceiling in an attempt to protect his liberal pet projects.



It’s gross that this president continues to lie and hide from his responsibilities. So let’s talk about what is really in the Republican Plan.



The plan will return $90.5 billion in unspent COVID money and repeal the $80 billion Democrats approved for their IRS army and the trillions of dollars in Green New Deal credits that will put Americans out of work by driving innovation and production down with burdensome and costly regulation.


The Republican plan saves taxpayer money by ending the more than $100 billion in wasteful spending... like green projects that attack our energy sector or expanding agencies to weaponize them against anyone who disagrees with the leftist agenda.


Importantly, the House Republican plan follows the lead of the Let’s Get to Work Act and places real work requirements on federal programs that encourage employment. With more Americans working, our economy will benefit and our society will be far more productive.


The Republican plan prohibits President Biden’s unfair student loan giveaways that punish hardworking folks who have paid their loans and those who never had loans in the first place.



To stop the Biden administration from making it even harder than ever for folks to live the American Dream, the Republican plan lifts the bureaucratic stranglehold on American industry by passing the REINS Act, tearing away the Democrat’s regulatory agenda that is suffocating business growth.


The Republican plan also ensures that Congress will do its job and address multiple programs that have expired authorization but are still receiving billions in taxpayer dollars.



Change is not easy or comfortable, but cutting spending is the only option to secure our nation’s future.



The Republican plan moves America in the right direction. It is fiscally responsible, and, best of all, truly reflects how the American people want their government to run.”


Read the full op-ed in Fox News HERE.