Sens. Rick Scott, Jacky Rosen Introduce Bipartisan No CORRUPTION Act to Safeguard Taxpayer Dollars from Corrupt Politicians

March 22, 2023

This Bipartisan Legislation Would Safeguard Taxpayer Dollars By Stripping Pensions From Members Of Congress Convicted of Felonies

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Senators Rick Scott and Jacky Rosen introduced the bipartisan No Congressionally-Obligated Recurring Revenue Used As Pensions To Incarcerated Officials Now (No CORRUPTION) Act, which would bar members of Congress who are convicted of felonies related to their official duties from collecting taxpayer-funded pensions.


Senator Rick Scott said, “It is unthinkable that a former member of Congress could be convicted of a crime involving public corruption and still benefit off the taxpayer dollars of hardworking families. If we are going to make Washington work for American families, we need real reforms that end the current dysfunction. I’m proud to sponsor this bipartisan, commonsense legislation to prevent criminals from getting taxpayer-funded retirement benefits.”


Senator Jacky Rosen said, “No member of Congress who’s convicted of a felony related to their time in office should receive a pension from American taxpayers. Our bipartisan bill will safeguard taxpayer dollars by closing a loophole that allows corrupt officials to continue collecting government pensions. It’s past time that corrupt members of Congress are held accountable.”


Alex Milliken, Policy and Government Affairs Manager for the National Taxpayers Union, “The National Taxpayers Union applauds Senator Jacky Rosen and Senator Rick Scott for their bipartisan leadership in reintroducing the NO CORRUPTION Act. This commonsense reform would close a loophole in federal law that allows former members of Congress convicted of a crime to collect taxpayer-funded pensions. Those who serve in Congress should be held to the highest of standards in order to instill trust and confidence in our government. Anyone who does not measure up should not receive a taxpayer-funded pension. NTU looks forward to working with Senators Rosen and Scott and other members of Congress to swiftly pass this good governance measure.”


Current law requires former members of Congress convicted of a felony to forfeit their pensions only after exhausting their appeals, which allows convicted former members to go on filing one appeal after another for years while collecting their taxpayer-funded pensions. The No CORRUPTION Act amends the law to close that loophole, so former members of Congress lose their pensions immediately following a lawful conviction of certain felonies related to their official duties. The bill would also ensure that convicted former members of Congress who are pardoned by a President of the United States will not receive pensions unless a court overturns their convictions.


Senator Scott and Rosen have been staunch advocates for safeguarding taxpayer dollars. Earlier this year, the senators helped introduce the bipartisan No Budget, No Pay Act, which prohibits lawmakers from getting paid if Congress fails to pass government funding legislation in time for the new Fiscal Year. This legislation would also ensure that no member of Congress continues to receive a paycheck while millions of Americans cannot during a government shutdown.