Sen. Rick Scott Applauds HFC Spending Reform Proposal as Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue

March 10, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement applauding the House Freedom Caucus’ (HFC) proposal to make significant structural spending reform, claw back wasteful spending and end Washington’s reckless misuse of taxpayer dollars as part of negotiations on the debt ceiling.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Finally, a glimpse of common sense in Washington. Today's proposal from the HFC marks a commitment to a return to fiscal sanity and accountability in Congress. It's a responsible approach and stands in stark contrast to President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar fairytale budget proposal that focuses only on more reckless spending, more debt and higher taxes. I'm proud to see the HFC proposal incorporate strong ideas that make necessary changes to our broken ways of spending, including elements from my Let’s Get to Work Act to get the American people back in the workforce, protects defense spending to keep our military forces strong, and cuts millions of dollars in wasteful spending passed by a Democrat-run Washington like Biden’s 87,000 IRS agent army to go after struggling families and small businesses. It also sets us on a pathway to GROW our economy by reducing burdensome regulations so that we can fully fund vital programs like Medicare and Social Security without Biden’s deceptive budget gimmicks and trillions in tax hikes on the American people. For decades, Washington politicians in both parties have failed our country by allowing America to spend ourselves into a $31 trillion debt crisis. To continue that failed behavior is nothing but cowardice. Republicans in the Senate cannot cave to Democrats now. We all must stand together with our colleagues in the House and make these needed changes. The American people cannot afford inaction any longer."