EN CASO DE QUE SE LO HAYA PERDIDO: El senador Rick Scott y el representante Andy Biggs en Townhall: To Save America From Washington, Congress Needs Spending Reforms

March 3, 2023

El Senador Rick Scott publica una actualización semanal sobre la crisis inflacionaria de Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. – El Senador Rick Scott publicó hoy una actualización sobre sus acciones para abordar la crisis de deuda de Estados Unidos y el aumento de la inflación. Desde que fue electo para el Senado de los EE. UU., el Senador Scott ha instado a que el gobierno rinda cuentas a los contribuyentes estadounidenses. En caso de que se lo haya perdido, mientras el Congreso considera el techo de la deuda, el senador Rick Scott y el congresista Andy Biggs escribieron un artículo de opinión en Townhall para resaltar la obsesión del gobierno federal en gastar imprudentemente el dinero de los contribuyentes y la necesidad de implementar reformas de gasto significativas y hacer que Washington rinda cuentas a las familias estadounidenses.


En el artículo de opinión, el senador Rick Scott y el congresista Andy Biggs escribieron: “The federal government’s destructive addiction to recklessly spending your money has gone untreated for far too long. We think it’s time for behavior change in the Capitol. Washington’s spending problem and the inflation and skyrocketing interest rates that come with it are killing opportunity for American families. If we are going to save America from Washington, it’s time for real spending reforms. And yes, the debt ceiling is the right time to get that done.



For years, politicians in Washington have been too cowardly to do the right but hard task of properly managing America’s finances, choosing instead to look the other way while our country got $31 trillion in debt. The cost to you of their failure to do the most basic part of the job they were elected to? Massive inflation and wages not keeping up with it, growing interest rates, and an economy that works less for real, hardworking Americans than it does for the Washington establishment and Wall Street.



If something is worth doing, Congress should do it the right way, adhere to the law, and do so without sacrificing the benefits of Social Security and Medicare. We don’t think that’s too much to ask and we know the American people agree with us.



It’s also time to start actually scrutinizing how the federal government spends your money.



No person outside of D.C. thinks this is an acceptable way to do business, and we’d hope that most of our colleagues in both parties agree. Ignoring the way that Congress spends money has led to hundreds of billions of your taxpayer dollars being spent every year on unauthorized ‘zombie programs.’



Here’s what that means: in 2021, the federal government recklessly wasted $432 billion of your tax money on more than 400 expired federal programs. 



There are hundreds of billions of dollars being wastefully spent. We should claw those dollars back, preserve programs like Social Security and Medicare, maintain our commitment to a strong and lethal military, and then keep Congress in check so we don’t find ourselves in this position again.


If President Biden wants to talk about America’s finances, we’d love to have that discussion. If he thinks he can keep the status quo or agree to spending reforms, which can be easily waived by Congress so it can bury our country deeper in debt, he’s got another thing coming.”


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Desde que fue elegido para el Senado de los EE. UU., el Senador Scott ha instado repetidamente a tomar medidas para abordar la crisis de la deuda de los Estados Unidos y los efectos nocivos de la inflación. Haga clic AQUÍ para obtener una lista completa de sus declaraciones y acciones sobre este tema urgente.