Sen. Rick Scott Announces Protect Our Seniors Act to Preserve & Protect Social Security & Medicare

February 10, 2023

SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. – Today, at a roundtable discussion with Florida community leaders and seniors in Sun City Center, Senator Rick Scott announced his Protect Our Seniors Act to preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare. During the roundtable, Senator Scott discussed his work to protect seniors from Washington’s dysfunction and the pain caused by President Joe Biden’s raging inflation crisis, and two years of failed leadership that have endangered critical entitlement programs and pushed Social Security and Medicare closer to insolvency.


Senator Scott has never supported cuts to Social Security or Medicare and NEVER will. Joe Biden on the other hand has, and he can’t hide from his nearly 50-year record of supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Download high resolution photos from Senator Scott’s roundtable in Sun City Center HERE.


Senator Rick Scott said, “I have been fighting since day one to protect and preserve programs like Social Security and Medicare for Florida’s seniors, and today I am proud to announce new legislation, my Protect Our Seniors Act, to safeguard the benefits of these critical entitlements.


“My bill will do three important things: first, the Protect Our Seniors Act will rescind funding for Joe Biden’s new 87,000 IRS agent army and redirect those funds to Medicare and Social Security to shore up these programs and address threats of insolvency.


“Second, my bill establishes a ‘Keep Medicare Savings in Medicare’ requirement. That means that if any bill makes changes to Medicare that result in a ‘savings’ every dollar of those savings must remain in Medicare and are prohibited from being used to fund woke projects as Democrats have recently done in their so-called Inflation Reduction Act.


“Finally, it establishes a rule to prevent cuts to Medicare and Social Security. If it is determined that any legislation will cause a cut or reduction in Medicare or Social Security, this rule will force two thirds of Congress to vote to approve it, making it much more difficult for Congress to make cuts or reduce benefits.


“While Democrats howl and lie about made-up threats to Social Security and Medicare, the reality is they haven’t done one thing to protect them. In fact, Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress have done more to hurt Social Security and Medicare than anyone I can think of. While Joe Biden had legislation to actually cut entitlements, my record shows that I’ve been 100% committed to protecting them from the start. I welcome Biden and anyone else who truly cares about protecting seniors to support this good bill.”


Senator Scott’s Protect Our Seniors Act includes three key provisions to protect the benefits of Social Security and Medicare and promote the long-term solvency of these critical programs:

  1. Rescinds funding from the Inflation Reduction Act for 87,000 new IRS agents and redirects those funds to the Medicare and Social Security Administration Trust Funds to help shore up the solvency of each program.
  2. Creates a Budget Point of Order, and requires a two-thirds vote, against any legislation that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) determines would reduce or cut existing Medicare and Social Security benefits.
  3. Amends CBO scoring laws such that savings to Medicare cannot be used to offset or pay-for spending outside of Medicare.
    1. NOTE: This tactic was used by Democrats for the “infrastructure bill” as well as the Inflation Reduction Act where Medicare savings were used as ‘pay-fors’ for green new deal projects and other wasteful spending.