Sen. Rick Scott: Senate Must Put Israel First, Ditch Biden’s Unserious Proposal

October 24, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement urging his Senate colleagues to immediately act on aid for Israel and vote on it separately from any other issues. Last week, President Biden proposed a massive $106 billion spending package that linked aid for Israel and Ukraine together, along with a deeply flawed and reckless spending proposal that would only exacerbate the raging border crisis that the president’s failed policies have created.


Senator Rick Scott said, “It has been 17 days since Iran-backed Hamas terrorists launched their savagely brutal attack on Israel, killing more than 1,400 innocent people, including at least 33 Americans, and took Americans and hundreds of others hostage in Gaza. The Senate needs to vote on aid for Israel now – by itself. Everyone in Washington knows that what the president has proposed will never pass in the House. It is unserious and needs to be discarded and moved on from. Americans should be disgusted that President Biden and Washington’s ruling class continue to use crisis after crisis to push massive spending packages for issues that have no business being voted on together. There is overwhelming bipartisan support for Israel and we can get an aid package passed in the Senate quickly. The same cannot be said about Biden’s asks on Ukraine aid, which is far broader than just lethal aid to defeat Putin, or his horrific idea to give billions to bail out sanctuary cities and push policies that actually make the raging national security crisis on the border even worse. Needlessly delaying this action in search of some doomed grand bargain only hurts the United States, our ally Israel and the urgent mission to rescue the Americans being held hostage in Gaza by Iran-backed Hamas.”


Following the attacks and throughout this week, Senator Scott has taken the following actions and released the following statements: