IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott in News4 Jax: Focused on education, Sen. Rick Scott speaks with leaders in Jacksonville

January 12, 2023

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In case you missed it, earlier this week, Senator Rick Scott continued his ‘Make Washington Work Tour’ in Jacksonville and hosted a roundtable discussion with higher education and school choice leaders, as well as parent advocates, to hear directly from them and discuss his actions to make higher education affordable for every family and ensure access to educational opportunities that fit students best by maximizing school choice for all K-12 students. Senator Scott discussed several of his proposals to bring Florida’s educational success nationwide, keep tuition affordable, and ensure parents, not the government, have a say in their child’s education.


Read more about Senator Scott’s fight for school choice in the News4 Jax article, Focused on education, Sen. Rick Scott speaks with leaders in Jacksonville, below:


Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Scott hosted a roundtable Monday in Jacksonville that was focused on education. It’s part of a tour through Florida that his team calls ‘Make Washington Work.’


Scott says the nation’s government has to make changes to get the economy turned around.


‘The ultimate goal is to make sure every citizen has the opportunity to fulfill their dream because everyone has got a different dream,’ Scott told listeners at Keiser University.


He spent more than an hour there with leaders in education from Northeast Florida, including the presidents of the University of North Florida, Florida State College Jacksonville and educators from Duval County Public Schools.


The educators spoke about partnering, internships, per-student funding and school choice.


Part of the conversation turned to finding solutions outside of leaning on the federal government.


Scott says that’s something he learned from his mother.


‘What we have to do is put the family back in the responsibility business. Don’t rely on the government’s gonna set up some rules. It’s gonna solve your problem. How can you solve these problems on your own? And there’s some things government has to do, but a lot of it you can do yourself and you should take advantage of that,’ Scott said. …”


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