Sen. Rick Scott: Kigali Amendment is Soft on Communist China, Fails to Protect U.S. Interests

September 21, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement slamming the proposed Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol for its failure to protect U.S. interests and softness on Communist China – the world’s largest polluter – which it classifies as a “developing nation.” The Senate is scheduled to vote on the Kigali Amendment today.


Senator Rick Scott said, “For far too long, Communist China has been granted ridiculous exemptions and access to precious U.S. taxpayer dollars because of its bogus classification as a ‘developing nation.’ It’s time to end this failed, soft-handed approach NOW. Communist China has one goal: to dominate the world. Under the tyrannical leadership of General Secretary Xi, the Communist Chinese government will continue to lie, cheat and steal to get ahead – but only if we let them. Bad policy, like the Kigali Amendment, enables this dangerous behavior and sets precedent for the continued phony classification of Communist China as a developing nation. We must put U.S. national security first and treat Communist China like the enemy it is. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to reject this amendment.”