Sen. Rick Scott Demands Answers from SBA Administrator on $1.3 Billion in COVID Aid to Foreign Businesses, Criminal Organizations

September 22, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to the Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), Isabella Guzman, demanding a swift investigation and action from the SBA following reports that it wrongfully awarded $1.3 billion of taxpayer-funded COVID aid to foreign applicants and international criminal organizations.


Read the full letter HERE or below.


September 22, 2022


The Honorable Isabella Casillas Guzman


United States Small Business Administration

409 3rd Street SW

Washington, D.C. 20416


Dear Administrator Guzman:


On Monday, September 12, the Washington Post reported that more than $1.3 billion in COVID aid was awarded to applicants who are not located in the United States, as well as international criminal organizations. Specifically, they reported that the Small Business Administration (SBA) “made 41,638 awards totaling $1.3 billion in the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) to applicants that pursued that aid using computers believed to be located abroad.”[1] This should be alarming to all Americans and especially the SBA, which is responsible for the proper stewardship of these taxpayer funds.


When there is mismanagement of public money by the federal government, it is taxpayers that suffer. These funds were designed to help struggling small businesses during the pandemic, and instead over $1.3 billion of this aid was given to criminals and foreign parties. This is a serious issue that must be immediately investigated.


The SBA should prioritize good stewardship of the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars. As administrator of the SBA I expect you to prioritize this grave issue and provide a prompt response on how you plan to review every suspect EIDL award and right any wrongs done to taxpayers.




Rick Scott

United States Senator