Sen. Rick Scott Pens Open Letter to Job Seekers: Don’t Work for Biden’s IRS Army

August 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below open letter to America’s job seekers outlining several factors they should consider before applying for a job with Biden’s soon-to-be supersized Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This month, Congressional Democrats passed a massive, partisan and reckless tax-and-spend bill which gives the IRS an additional $80 billion in taxpayer dollars and the authority to hire 87,000 new – mostly armed – IRS agents. Senator Scott first released this open letter to job seekers on his new LinkedIn account

Read the full letter HERE or below.


August 16, 2022

Dear American Job Seeker:

I’ve always believed that a job is the very best thing for a family, providing the independence and opportunity every American needs to live their dreams in our great nation. Sadly, the big-government policies of the Biden administration have caused the labor participation rate in our country to drop to historic lows, so the willingness of folks like you to get to work and earn a living for yourself and your family is admirable. With that said, I write to you today to offer a few things for you to consider as you continue your job search.

As you may have heard, Democrats in Congress recently passed a bill, soon to be signed into law by President Joe Biden, which provides $80 BILLION in additional taxpayer money and drastically grows the workforce of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by adding roughly 87,000 new agents. This massive expansion of the IRS will make it larger than Pentagon, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Customs and Border Protection and the State Department combined.

While some may find the idea of working for the federal government appealing, I’d urge you to please consider the following factors before submitting your application to the IRS:

  1. These new positions at the IRS will not offer you the long-term job stability you may expect from a position with the federal government. Put another way: this will be a short-term gig. Republicans will take over the House and Senate in January, and I can promise you that we will immediately do everything in our power to defund this insane and unwarranted expansion of government into the lives of the American people.
  2. It is important to understand that in the initial IRS job posting for these positions, which the agency has now taken down, the IRS made it very clear that one of the “major duties” of these new positions is to “be willing to use deadly force.” We aren’t talking about joining your local police force, or even the U.S. military – this is the federal agency charged with collecting taxes. The IRS is making it very clear that you not only need to be ready to audit and investigate your fellow hardworking Americans, your neighbors and friends, you need to be ready and, to use the IRS’s words, willing, to kill them.

The Democrats’ plans to defund the actual police and create an IRS super-police force will not be tolerated by the American people. When Republicans retake the majority, we will immediately begin our important work on behalf of the American people to stop this and the rest of President Biden’s failed agenda. In addition to ending the reckless government spending fueling his historic inflation crisis, you can be sure that Republicans’ focus will be on cutting your taxes, not sending nearly 90,000 more IRS agents to audit and investigate working-class families and small businesses to pull even more of their hard-earned money out of their pockets.

Again, I applaud your continued participation in the American labor force and wish you the very best in your search for a great job that serves a purpose beyond being a henchman of President Biden and Congressional Democrats.


Rick Scott

United States Senator