Sen. Rick Scott: Before Even One More IRS Agent is Hired, We Must Secure the Border

August 6, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement announcing his amendment to the Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spending spree, which would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from hiring any additional agents until U.S. Border Patrol doubles its force and hires 18,000 more border patrol agents to fully secure the U.S. southern border. Since October 2021, more than TWO MILLION people have illegally entered the United States.


In their reckless tax-and-spending spree bill, Democrats are pushing to supersize the IRS by increasing its budget by more than $80 BILLION and allowing it to hire over 87,000 additional agents to massively increase audits on hardworking families and small businesses. The Democrats’ plans to expand the IRS would make it larger than the Pentagon, FBI, Customs and Border Protection and the State Department COMBINED.


Senator Rick Scott said, “The historic crisis that Joe Biden has created on the southern border by failing to enforce our laws is threatening the national security of the United States every day. Savage cartels own our U.S. border now. This fiscal year, more than TWO MILLION people have illegally entered the United States. Drugs are pouring into our communities and killing thousands and thousands of Americans. IT MUST END NOW. 


“Are Democrats doing anything to support border patrol as President Biden’s massive border crisis rages on? NO. Instead, they want to supersize the IRS and add 87,000 more agents to hunt down and audit even more families and small businesses. It’s a disgusting misuse of taxpayer money and the last thing American families want as drugs flood their communities and they continue to feel the crushing pain of inflation and rising prices. Today, I am asking every senator to go on the record and say that before even one additional IRS agent is hired, we must give border patrol the support it needs and double its force with 18,000 more border patrol agents. Republicans have been clear in our support for the brave members of border patrol. It’s time for Democrats to join us and give these men and women the reinforcements they and our nation need and deserve.”