Sen. Rick Scott: A Vote for the CHIPS Act is a Vote for More Inflation

July 20, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, prior to his vote on the thousand-page, $250 billion CHIPS Act which will continue to drive Biden’s inflation crisis, Senator Rick Scott released the following video message:

Read more from Fox Business’ article, Sen. Rick Scott rips 'pro-China' chips bill: This is why we have massive debt, inflation, below:


“Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., slammed the Senate's proposed $52 billion chips bill designed to boost U.S. semiconductor competition with China…


This is why we have $30 trillion worth of debt, why we have 9% inflation, why we run deficits because up here, people can't stop spending money. … If you are a company like Intel this is what's going to happen. Intel Corporation made $20 billion last year… We are going to give them some money to build a plant. Then we're going to give them a tax deduction for building the plant, and then we are going to give them a tax credit for building the plant.


And guess what? They can keep doing business in China… Sounds like a pro-China bill, not an anti-China bill to me. It's going to cause more inflation, more debt, and create more deficits. There is no accountability, it doesn't make any sense.”