Sen. Rick Scott: Biden Must End Silence, Stop Disgusting Appeasement & Stand Up for the Cuban People

June 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, ahead of the first anniversary of the Cuban people’s historic democracy demonstrations against the illegitimate communist Cuban regime on July 11, Senator Rick Scott reiterated his call for President Joe Biden to end his disgusting appeasement of Castro/Díaz-Canel regime and demand that he again forcefully call for the release of all July 11 political prisoners. The Castro/Díaz-Canel regime continues to brutally oppress and torture innocent Cubans, and is unjustly jailing more than 1,000 democracy activists, some as young as 14 years old.


Senator Rick Scott said, “It’s been nearly a year since the Cuban people bravely and peacefully took to the streets to call for democracy on the island and freedom from the oppression of the communist Cuban regime. Aside from a single statement made nearly one year ago, every action Joe Biden has taken since these protests has done nothing to support the Cuban people and their fight for freedom – nothing to provide them with internet connectivity or support the democracy movement on the island. On the contrary, the weakness and cowardice we have seen from Joe Biden’s White House – bowing to the demands of a murderous regime instead of standing for democracy and human rights – is embarrassing and un-American. His latest move to relax sanctions on the illegitimate communist Cuban regime is especially horrifying.


Biden’s appeasement does NOTHING to help the freedom-loving people of Cuba, it ONLY lines the pockets of the murderous Cuban regime and benefits them and their evil partners in Russia, Iran and Communist China. If Biden really wants to do something to help the Cuban people, he should call for the IMMEDIATE release of the more than 1,000 democracy activists, including children, that the regime is unjustly imprisoning and subjecting to physical and psychological torture. While he’s at it, instead of removing crippling sanctions on Maduro’s family members, like he did last month, he should also fight for the release of all American citizens being unjustly held in Venezuela. Following in the failed footsteps of his old boss won’t work. It’s time for Biden to lead and grow a backbone, actually act like an American president, oppose genocidal dictators and support human rights. I’ll be fighting every step of the way until Biden finally stands for freedom and democracy in Latin America.”