VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Rick Scott: Senate is Right to Require COMPETES Act to Include ROI Analysis

May 4, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the Senate voted to approve his motion to instruct Senate members of the bicameral conference for the $250 BILLION COMPETES Act. Senator Scott’s measures urges that conferees make all taxpayer funds in the COMPETES Act subject to a comprehensive return-on-investment analysis with claw-back provisions and also urges conferees to include publication of reports to Congress and the public on how every tax dollar is spent.


Senator Scott’s motion to instruct was endorsed by the National Taxpayers Union.


Senator Rick Scott said, “The U.S. federal government is $30 TRILLION in debt, but Congress is working every day to spend money like it’s burning a hole in our pocket. This bad bill, which does almost nothing to actually combat the threats posed by Communist China, spends $250 BILLION in taxpayer dollars and has ZERO mandates for return on investment. That makes no sense. No American would make a deal like this for their business or family, and that’s why I proposed a commonsense measure to subject these funds to a real return-on-investment analysis with claw-back provisions. I am glad my colleagues voted to support my proposal and ensure taxpayer funds are not deliberately wasted. I have no doubt this bill will only fuel inflation without actually confronting Communist China, but the Senate’s vote to approve my proposal should send a clear message to the conferees that American families can’t afford more failed policy and reckless spending from a broken Washington.”


Watch more in the video HERE or below.