Sen. Rick Scott: We Must Deliver Lethal Military Aid to Ukraine & Take Care of American Families

May 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement ahead of his vote to support U.S. funding for lethal military aid to Ukraine as it fights to defeat Russia and push back on Vladimir Putin’s unjust invasion. Senator Scott has been clear that while the United States must continue to provide Ukraine with the aid it needs, we cannot allow that action to deprioritize or slow progress on solving urgent domestic issues such as securing the border, fighting inflation and fixing major supply issues like the current baby formula shortage that is devastating parents across the nation. Last week, Senator Scott wrote to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf urging his agency to take immediate action to fix the supply crisis and get infant formula back on shelves.


Senator Rick Scott said, “As Russia wages war against Ukraine, murders innocent families and threatens democracy in Europe, the United States must continue to stand strongly with Ukraine and provide the lethal military aid it needs to win this war. Russia is a cancerous, evil regime that wants to destroy human rights and democracy in eastern Europe. Putin’s murderous attacks are a threat to our national security and the security of our democratic allies. America must always protect our interests and support democracy over tyranny. That’s why I am voting to support the aid package being considered in the Senate today. However, this cannot be allowed to delay needed action to address the multitude of crises Joe Biden has caused here at home. I fully expect Democrats to show the same urgency as they did with this package on action to secure the border, stop the reckless spending that’s fueling inflation and pressure the Biden administration to immediately fix major supply chain crises, like the massive shortage of baby formula, that are devastating families in Florida and across America. Inflation remains at 40-year highs, over two MILLION people illegally crossed the border last year, 107,000 Americans died of drug overdoses and shelves remain empty in stores nationwide. Congress can take immediate action to solve these issues and we owe it to the American people to do so. There is no excuse for inaction.”