Sen. Rick Scott: Putin Must Answer for His Genocidal War Crimes

April 4, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the brutal murder of innocent Ukrainians by Vladimir Putin’s forces in Bucha and towns surrounding Kyiv. In recent days, the bodies of more than 400 civilians have been discovered in communities near Kyiv. Senator Scott has been clear that Putin must be tried for war crimes and held accountable for his vicious and unjust war. Today, he is reiterating his demand that President Biden approve the immediate transfer of MIG-29 fighter jets from Poland to the Ukrainian Air Force.


Senator Rick Scott said, “I am disgusted by the harrowing images coming out of Ukraine. Russian forces under the direction of Vladimir Putin are committing genocide, rape and murder. The massacre of innocent children and families in Bucha and communities around Kyiv is clearly a war crime and we must hold Putin and his thugs accountable for this merciless violence. Every day that passes without Ukraine receiving the full support it needs is a lost opportunity to more quickly end this war and stop innocent death and suffering. The genocidal murderer leading Russia has demonstrated that the only way for Ukraine and our allies to be safe is for Ukraine to win this war. Anything less invites more aggression from thugs like Putin. President Biden’s weakness in deciding to block the transfer of planes from our allies to the Ukrainian Air Force is costing innocent lives and risking a Putin victory. The president must lift this senseless hold on military assets today.”