Sen. Rick Scott to Business Leaders: Decouple From Communist China Before its Planned Invasion of Taiwan

March 17, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott sent an open letter to American business leaders applauding those who have made the right choice to stop all operations in Russia and urging all companies to take those same steps to redirect supply chains and decouple their businesses from Communist China before its planned invasion of Taiwan. Senator Scott has been calling on American businesses to decouple from Communist China for more than a year.


Read the full letter HERE or below.


March 17, 2022


Dear Business Leader:


Since Vladimir Putin launched his evil and unjustified war against Ukraine, world and business leaders have taken bold action to isolate and destroy the Russian economy, making Putin’s invasion as painful as possible for his regime and its thug oligarch cronies. I applaud the many businesses, large and small, that have made the right choice and stopped all operations in Russia. Now, we must take the lessons learned in redirecting supply chains and revenues in recent weeks and focus on ensuring these same steps can be taken more easily and  with less disruption to American families in response to Communist China’s planned invasion of Taiwan.


Earlier this month, Taiwan defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng stated his belief that Communist China will launch a full-scale attack on the island. We cannot ignore his concerns. An invasion would be brutal. It is not unreasonable to expect that Communist China’s forces would follow the same playbook as Putin and commit horrific war crimes, murder civilians and use merciless power to take control of Taiwan. When Communist China invades Taiwan, the consequences it suffers must be equal to, or even greater than, those imposed on Russia. The American people, and the world, will demand that Communist China is held fully accountable.


As America’s business leaders, it is imperative that you start working now to end your dependence on Communist China. I want to be very clear:

  1. I am not suggesting that you simply move some operations around – I am urging you to immediately begin working toward a total economic decoupling with Communist China. This will be even more important if Communist China begins aiding Russia.
  2. If Communist China invades Taiwan, they will be treated in the exact same manner as Russia following their invasion of Ukraine with crippling economic sanctions and public support from both sides of the aisle to end business operations in the country.


There is already good reason to separate from this evil regime. Under General Secretary Xi’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party has led a horrific campaign to abuse, harass and destroy the Uyghur population. It’s genocide. The Chinese Communist Party is forcibly sterilizing women and separating children from their families in an attempt to erase the Uyghur culture. When Uyghurs are not being tortured and brainwashed in concentration camps, they are forced into slave labor. 


No respectable organization in the United States should be doing business with a murderous regime. Every dollar spent in Communist China supports its economy and Xi’s genocidal government.


It is time to place human rights and democracy above profits. It is time to bring American business back home, create more American jobs and end our dependence on Communist China.