IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott in South Florida Sun Sentinel: Why has Joe Biden turned his back on Latin America?

March 21, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, yesterday in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed expressing his disappointment with President Biden’s lack of support for freedom and democracy movements across Latin America. Senator Scott is urging President Biden to take immediate action to support the people of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and combat dangerous foreign influence from Communist China, Russia and Iran in our hemisphere.


In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “President Joe Biden has completely abandoned Latin America.


That statement may shock some, but how else do you explain his complete silence on threats to our democratic partners in this critical region during his State of the Union? More than 7,700 words in an hour-long address, but none was about the importance of freedom in Latin America.


Florida is blessed to be the United States’ gateway to Latin America. Our partnerships across the region produce significant trade and job creation. Latin American cultures and traditions enrich our communities and help bind us together.


Unfortunately, socialist dictators, supported by the poisonous communist leadership of the illegitimate regime in Cuba, put all of this at risk.


These atrocities are happening in our hemisphere, yet Biden has barely done anything to hold these tyrannical communist regimes accountable.


Biden could use the full weight of the United States to support movements for freedom in these countries, but he hasn’t given the region any serious attention outside of begging Maduro’s regime for more oil while demoralizing the pro-democracy movement of Venezuela.


Why should the United States care about these countries? The atrocities occurring there aren’t happening in a vacuum. Socialist and communist regimes in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua fuel instability, violence and corruption throughout the region, threatening our southern border and our economy. Dictatorships directly influence the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs across our border.


That’s why Biden’s do-nothing approach is so dangerous and irresponsible, and his silence on freedom for Latin America has been so deafening.


Want to quickly understand just how wrong this path toward socialism is for America? Visit with families in South Florida from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. They’ve seen socialism and communism firsthand.


Americans expect the United States to be an unapologetic promoter of democracy and freedom.


Freedom in Latin America is critical to the preservation of freedom in the western hemisphere. Joe Biden may have abandoned this cause, but we will never stop fighting.”


Read the full op-ed in South Florida Sun Sentinel HERE.