Sen. Rick Scott: U.S. Must Issue Devastating Sanctions That Cripple the Russian Oligarchy & Putin's Thugs

February 24, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement on Russia’s unlawful and violent invasion of Ukraine.


Senator Rick Scott said, “We must be clear about what has occurred over the last 24 hours: at the direction of Vladimir Putin, Russia has violated the sovereignty of a free country and American partner, committed a blatant act of war and unlawfully and violently invaded Ukraine. Freedom in Europe is under attack and we must acknowledge that Putin’s goal is to seize further control of wealth and power across the continent. The United States must respond with devastating sanctions and severe consequences that cripple the Russian oligarchy and Putin’s thugs and cronies both in and outside of the Kremlin. Joe Biden has spent the last year driving America backward. Oil prices are surging while American energy independence has suffered under this administration’s continued attacks. Biden’s total failure of political leadership and foreign policy incompetence, which has been on full display since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, not only emboldens dictators like Putin, but has direct consequences for the financial security and safety of American families and hurts the poorest Americans first and most. Things will only get worse now that Biden has failed to prevent this Russian aggression. The world is watching. Communist China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are watching. Now more than ever, America must stand with Ukraine, as well as Lithuania, Taiwan and all countries standing with us and against evil thugs trying to control the world. We must show an unyielding commitment to freedom. Anything less is dangerous and unacceptable weakness.”