Sen. Rick Scott: House Budget Democrats Have Lost Their Minds & Abandoned Taxpayers

February 10, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after Democrats on the House Budget Committee noticed a hearing on abolishing the debt limit in the midst of a raging inflation crisis fueled by reckless federal spending. 


Senator Rick Scott said, “Democrats in Washington have once again shown just how far out of touch they are with reality. Just one day before Joe Biden’s inflation crisis raged to 7.5% - the biggest increase in 40 years - Democrats on the House Budget Committee announced they want to abolish the debt limit. Inflation is a tax on every hardworking American family and it’s especially devastating for families on low and fixed incomes, like mine growing up. Here’s a bright idea for the Democrats: STOP THE RECKLESS SPENDING. If Congress could finally be accountable to American taxpayers, stop recklessly spending money we don’t have and drowning the U.S. in debt, we’d never have to raise the debt ceiling again. Insane ideas like abolishing the debt ceiling are exactly why the American public is quickly running away from radical Democrats. These woke politicians have clearly lost their minds.”