Sen. Rick Scott: To End Biden’s Inflation, Big Change Must Happen in Washington

December 30, 2022

Issues Weekly Update on Inflation Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With 2023 around the corner, Senator Rick Scott released a weekly update of actions to address America’s debt crisis and rising inflation that he will continue fighting in the new year. Over the last two years with Joe Biden as president, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key inflation indicator, has risen 13.9%. The CPI data shows how President Biden’s inflation crisis, caused by his and Democrats’ socialist policies and reckless government spending, like the recent $1.7 trillion Pelosi-Schumer Spending Bill, continues to shrink budgets for families as the prices of everyday goods keep rising.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Thanks to President Biden’s reckless spending and radical, woke policy, inflation is up nearly 14% since he took office. We know that Biden’s inflation is fueled by reckless Pelosi-Schumer spending bills, like the gross $1.7 TRILLION omnibus that just passed, and in 2023 Republicans must start being a BRICK WALL against more spending, more debt and more of Biden’s woke agenda. America’s poorest families, like mine growing up, struggle with any rise in prices. That’s reason enough to rein in Washington’s spending, but the massive price hikes we’ve seen thanks to Biden’s inflation have spread this pain to nearly every family in America. It’s clear that failed politicians in Congress and useless bureaucrats in the Biden administration have forgotten that government works for the people. It’s time for a reality check. In 2023, I’m going to fight like hell to hold the line on the debt ceiling and secure significant spending reforms that work to stop Biden’s reckless agenda that’s hurting too many American families. I will never stop fighting for Floridians, and I won’t stop fighting the irresponsible policies that kill our economy and fuel this crisis. The status quo cannot go on – big change is coming to Washington.”

Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott has repeatedly urged action to address America’s debt crisis and the harmful effects of inflation. Click HERE for a comprehensive list of his statements and actions on this urgent issue. 


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