Sen. Rick Scott: The Communist Cuban Dictatorship Must Be Held Accountable for Death of Democracy Activist Cristian Perez

August 24, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after Cuban democracy activist, Coordinator of UNPACU and Promoter of Cuba Decide, Cristian Perez, died this weekend under the custody of the illegitimate communist Cuban regime, who reportedly denied him proper due process, medical assistance and subjected him to torture and brutal beatings in prison.

Senator Scott continues to call on the Biden administration and the international community to stand up for the cause of freedom in Cuba and hold the Castro regime accountable. He is also calling for President Biden to join him in advocating for freedom and demanding “proof of life” for every democracy activist oppressed by the Cuban regime, including Jose Daniel Ferrer who was unjustly sentenced to 4 years in prison this week. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “This weekend, Cuban democracy activist Cristian Perez died at the hands of the communist Cuban dictatorship. Cristian was reportedly cruelly and inhumanely denied proper medical attention to treat his cancer and clinical conditions. His crime? Fighting for democracy in Cuba. It’s disgusting, and a stark reminder of the many horrific and inhumane crimes and abuses of the communist Cuban regime. My heart goes out to Cristian’s family and loved ones, and all of the brave Cuban people who put their lives at risk to stand up for freedom and democracy in Cuba.

“For years, self-described socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have defended the illegitimate communist Cuban regime. How can they possibly defend this disgusting oppression and suffering? President Biden and the international community need to act NOW to amplify the voices of the Cuban people in their fight and hold the regime accountable. The Cuban people have been fighting for their freedom for the past 60 years, and they can’t wait any longer. As the regime continues to violate human rights and threaten security and peace in the western hemisphere, freedom-loving nations of the world must work together to end the genocide and oppression of Miguel Diaz-Canel and Raul Castro. We will always stand with the people of Cuba fighting for a new day of freedom, democracy and patria y vida.”