Sen. Rick Scott on “Infrastructure” CBO Score: The American People Deserve Better

August 5, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, following the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) releasing its analysis of the Senate’s proposed $1.2 TRILLION “infrastructure” spending bill, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Last night, Senate Democrats blocked my proposal to ensure reckless government spending does not increase inflation and raise prices even higher for American families. Now, we see in this new CBO report that the proposed ‘infrastructure’ spending bill, which isn’t paid for, will add $256 BILLION to our national deficit, further fueling President Biden’s inflation crisis. I fully support spending on infrastructure. We did it when I was Governor of Florida and we should do it at the federal level – but it has to be paid for. We can’t forget, this is just the first part of Senator Schumer’s $5.5 TRILLION tax and spending spree. We cannot afford this reckless spending. Florida families cannot afford even more inflation and higher prices. The American people deserve better.”