Sen. Rick Scott and The Heritage Foundation Release Episodes 3 and 4 in ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ Video Series

July 26, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the third and fourth episode of Road Trip on a Budget, his video short series in partnership with The Heritage Foundation. Episode 3 highlights how Washington’s reckless spending is causing rising inflation, which means the prices of every day goods are going up for families in Florida and across the nation. Episode 4 discusses how Congress can work to rein in wasteful spending and why we must fight Democrats’ tax-and-spending spree agenda to put America back on a strong fiscal path. See previous Road Trip on a Budget episodes HERE and HERE.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Reckless government spending has driven America’s federal debt to nearly $30 trillion. Now, thanks to the insane tax-and-spending spree of President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington, we are seeing six straight months of raging inflation. It’s time to face reality, ditch these foolish and wasteful multi-trillion dollar plans and protect American families from rising inflation. With the debt ceiling suspension expiring this week, on July 31, we need real spending reform, like my Federal Debt Emergency Control Act, before we consider raising the debt ceiling. We cannot allow Congress to continue mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren.” 

Matthew Dickerson, director of Heritage’s Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, said, “The importance of Congress exercising spending restraint instead of continuing down the path of seemingly endless, reckless federal spending cannot be understated. For instance, Democrats are looking to pass a $3.5 trillion budget kickstarting the reconciliation process to pass all of their legislative priorities, including non-budget related policies like mass amnesty, and few are talking about the consequences. This budget resolution represents more of the same fiscal irresponsibility. When the federal government grows beyond its proper limits, and spends and taxes too much, it stifles prosperity, infringes on liberty, and makes it more difficult to live the American dream. Thanks to Sen. Rick Scott’s leadership, more Americans will be able to learn about the dangers of big-government spending adding recklessly to the national debt and increasing inflation, and by extension, prices of good Americans buy every day.”

Watch the third episode HERE or below.


Watch the fourth episode HERE or below.