Sen. Rick Scott and The Heritage Foundation Release Episode 2 in ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ Video Series Washington Can’t Keep Maxing out America’s Credit Card

July 15, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the second episode of his video short series in partnership with the Heritage Foundation: Road Trip on a Budget. Episode 2 highlights how Washington politicians have been driving up the national debt and maxing out America’s credit card with no way to pay it off. Senator Scott is demanding action, including the immediate passage of his Federal Debt Emergency Control Act, to help start paying down the debt and hold Congress accountable for its awful spending habits. See the previous Road Trip on a Budget episode HERE. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “The inflation we are seeing across the nation right now is the direct result of Washington’s wasteful spending. Inflation is a tax on America’s working families. Rising prices are devastating to low and fixed-income Americans. I grew up poor and watched my parents struggle to put food on the table. Instead of just hiking the debt ceiling every time Washington gets close to the limit, it’s time to start acting responsibly. With the debt ceiling expiring on July 31, we must tackle these issues head-on and chart a new and fiscally responsible path forward that protects families and our nation’s financial security.”

Matthew Dickerson, director of Heritage’s Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, said, “The importance of Congress exercising spending restraint instead of continuing down the path of seemingly endless, reckless federal spending cannot be understated. When the federal government grows beyond its proper limits, and spends and taxes too much, it stifles prosperity, infringes on liberty, and makes it more difficult to live the American dream. Thanks to Sen. Rick Scott’s leadership, more Americans will be able to learn about the dangers of big-government spending adding recklessly to the national debt.” 

Watch the second episode HERE or below.