Ahead of Debt Ceiling Suspension Expiration, Sen. Rick Scott and The Heritage Foundation Release Final Episode in ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ Video Series

July 30, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the final episode of Road Trip on a Budget, his video short series in partnership with The Heritage Foundation. In the final episode, Senator Scott discusses how, as Governor of Florida, he worked to completely turn Florida’s economy around by cutting taxes and regulations and supporting job growth. Senator Scott uses Florida’s success story to show how Washington should model Florida’s playbook to rein in wasteful spending and put America back on a strong fiscal path. See previous Road Trip on a Budget episodes HEREHEREHERE and HERE.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Congress has ignored the consequences of reckless spending, like raging inflation which increases the price of living for American families, for too longThe American people deserve better. With the current debt ceiling suspension expiring this weekend, our ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ series highlights how Washington got to nearly $30 trillion in debt, but more importantly, shows that we can get this spending under control. We have to stop spending recklessly on things we don’t need and invest in the things we do. We need to make government more efficient, cut taxes, reduce regulations and focus on creating an economy where businesses can thrive and create more jobs for American families. That’s the playbook. It worked in Florida and it will work for the entire nation.” 

Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James said, “When politicians talk about the national debt and the deficit, most Americans’ eyes glaze over. It’s just not a relatable topic to most people, nevertheless the consequence of reckless federal spending cannot be understated. The fact is, excessive government spending and debt will eventually affect every single American, especially our children and grandchildren, in the form of higher taxes, a slower economy, fewer jobs, and higher prices for nearly everything.

“What Heritage and Sen. Rick Scott have done with the ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ series is package this kind of critical knowledge in a format that’s understandable, compelling, and accessible to everyone. The American people deserve to know how rampant government spending is affecting their future and the importance of a more fiscally responsible path forward.”

Watch the final episode HERE or below.