Sen. Rick Scott: NBC Cannot Cower to Communist China on 2022 Olympic Games Coverage

June 15, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following NBCUniversal’s response to his recent letter urging the network to condemn Communist China’s oppression and stand for human rights by joining calls for the 2022 Olympic Games to be moved out of Communist China.


Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott has sent three letters to NBCUniversal urging the network to stand up for human rights in Communist China. Read Senator Scott’s letters HERE, HERE and HERE.


Senator Rick Scott said, “NBC’s own reporting has detailed the horrors faced by Uyghurs in Xinjiang and the genocide being committed against them by the government of Communist China. Yet this American network continues to turn a blind eye to Communist China’s atrocities when it comes to allowing Beijing to host the 2022 Olympic Games, apparently preferring instead to give General Secretary Xi a platform to whitewash his horrific crimes with the grand spectacle of the 2022 Olympic Games. If NBC is willing to cancel the Golden Globes to support racial diversity, why can’t they take a stand for human rights and demand the relocation of the 2022 games? I agree that a boycott is not the answer. Boycotting the Olympics only hurts our athletes and their families. But cowering to the Communist Chinese government is inexcusable. NBC has a responsibility to take a stand with me and the many human rights groups around the world in demanding change to hold Communist China accountable.”