Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s Iran Appeasement is an Embarrassment & Threat to U.S. Security

June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, as Iranian warships sail across the Atlantic and the Biden administration lifted sanctions on more than a dozen Iranian officials and energy companies, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement demanding that the president end his disastrous appeasement of Iran – a supporter of Hamas and the world’s largest state sponsor of terror that wants to destroy America and Israel. Last month, Senator Scott introduced the Stop Taxpayer Funding of Hamas Act to ensure no U.S. tax dollars will be authorized to the territory of Gaza until the president certifies that the funds will not benefit terrorist organizations. 


Senator Rick Scott said, “Every day that President Biden appeases Iran by easing sanctions and moving forward with his feeble attempts to renter the failed Iran nuclear deal, American national security suffers. Let’s remember, under Obama, the U.S. already gave Iran more than $100 BILLION to end its nuclear program. That didn’t work and now Biden is trying to make up for the failures of his old boss. 


“Iran is our adversary and can’t be trusted. In Iran, they chant ‘death to America’ and want to destroy our great ally, Israel. If that isn’t enough, now Iranian warships are sailing across the Atlantic into the Western Hemisphere – threatening U.S. national security. Yet, President Biden still insists on sticking with his failed appeasement policy. The president must end his attempts to negotiate a new deal and make clear that America will never tolerate the presence of Iranian warships in Western Hemisphere waters. It’s time for Biden to stand up to dictators and put American interests first.”