Sen. Rick Scott to Biden: Tell the Truth About Taxing American Families

May 4, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, in response to repeated claims by President Joe Biden that he won’t raise taxes on any American making less than $400,000 per year, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement urging the president to finally come clean and tell the truth about his plans to raise taxes on American families to pay for his massive spending proposals. Contrary to his statements, Biden has already broken his promise and raised taxes on American families making under $400,000.


Senator Rick Scott said, “In the just over 100 days that Joe Biden has been president, he’s proposed more than $6 TRILLION in new spending. That’s insane, even for the far left liberals. Yet Biden refuses to address the basic question I and many Americans keep asking: ‘How do you plan to pay for all of this, Joe?’

“Joe Biden claims that he won’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. Wrong. He’s already done it. Biden raised taxes on gig workers like hardworking Americans that drive for Uber and Lyft, or work for Door Dash, in his ‘American Rescue Plan.’ I tried to repeal this tax increase on the Senate floor and Democrats blocked it.

“Joe Biden claims big tax increases on American companies and the rich will pay for his liberal wish list. Wrong again. Even if Biden got to wave his liberal wand and spend the $6 trillion, we’d still fall $2.5 TRILLION short in paying for his reckless spending plans. Because Democrats refuse to live within our means, that means there is still $2.5 TRILLION left to be paid for by taxpayers making less than $400,000 over the coming years.

“Joe Biden has never met a tax increase he didn’t like. But reckless spending and high taxes hurt the American people and destroy their opportunity at the American dream. Joe Biden needs to tell the truth: more tax increase plans are coming and they won’t spare a single American family. It’s the wrong direction for our nation, and I’ll keep fighting against these foolish tax increases every day.”