IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott in Fox News: New Cold War – China threat is clear. Here's how US, allies must respond to defend freedom

May 24, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for Fox News on the America’s new Cold War with Communist China. In his op-ed, Senator Scott details why the United States must stand strong against Communist China’s oppressive government and the importance of combatting its attempts to assert its power around the globe, undermine democracy and human rights, violate U.S. sanctions and prop up dictators. 

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “… The United States must now recognize that a new Cold War is upon us and, with our allies, confront this threat and defeat the spread of tyranny using every diplomatic and military option at our disposal.

Since being elected to the Senate, I have sponsored and supported more than 40 pieces of legislation focused on addressing the security of our supply chains, holding Communist China fully responsible for its disgusting human rights abuses and genocide against Uyghur Muslims, enhancing our ability to innovate and develop new technology, and countering Beijing’s unfair trade practices. This is where our legislative efforts must begin. 

We need to cut Communist China off from the American economy that it relies so heavily upon to feed its oppression machine. There is no point in sacrificing our interests for the hope of compromise with a country that will never live up to its end of any agreement, is openly committing genocide against millions of Uyghur Muslims, and continuously threatens not only America’s security, but that of our allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Communist China is focused on one thing – world domination through oppression and communist rule. We must not be naïve in thinking that Communist China wants to operate in the modern world order and cooperate with other world powers. 

As the world’s greatest beacon of freedom and democracy, the U.S. must do everything we can, in conjunction with our allies, to curb Communist China’s reach, counter their policies, and punish those who are guilty of the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs.

Whether we like it or not, we are in a new Cold War with Communist China. I urge my colleagues to join me in seizing this opportunity to display the true resolve of the United States in addressing Communist China’s destabilizing actions.”

Read the full op-ed in Fox News HERE.