IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott in Washington Post: Where’s the anti-inflation plan, Mr. Powell?

April 2, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post in response to a recent editorial on the Federal Reserve’s continued refusal to address the effects of inflation on American families, despite indications that inflation could significantly rise this year.

In the letter, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “The Biden administration has the ability and responsibility to take immediate action to mitigate the effects of inflation, which increases the cost of everyday goods and disproportionately affects low- and fixed-income families. I grew up poor, and my parents struggled for work. Families like mine growing up are impacted each day the Biden administration fails to get this under control.

While Mr. Powell continues to ignore the elephant in the room, American families are worrying whether their paychecks will get them through the month. It’s time for the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve to face reality. So what’s the plan, Mr. Powell? The American people deserve to know.”

Read the full letter to the editor in The Washington Post HERE.