IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Fox News: GOP Sen. Rick Scott Calls on Olympic Sponsors to Demand 2022 Games Be Moved Out of China

March 24, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott sent a Sen. Rick Scott is urging Olympic sponsors to demand the 2022 Winter Games be moved from Beijing amid human rights abuses and alleged genocide against Uyghur Muslims and ethnic minorities in China.

‘As a sponsor of the IOC, you are uniquely positioned to join in this fight and demand the IOC stand for human rights and remove the games from Communist China, or lose your sponsorship and support,’ Scott wrote to the companies Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Tuesday, Scott said he believed the sponsors would join in the calls to move the Olympic Games out of Beijing.

‘I don’t think anybody should want to be affiliated with a government that commits genocide against its own people,’ Scott told Fox News, calling the abuses toward Uyghurs ‘disgusting.’

‘I am hopeful that the sponsors will see it is not in their best interest to be affiliated with a despicable government like this,’ he said.

Scott said if the companies work with the Chinese Communist Party, ‘they are turning a blind eye to genocide.’

Scott has been vocal in leading the push to move the Olympic Games out of Beijing but maintained that the United States should not boycott the competition, as some Republican lawmakers have called for.

‘Boycotts hurt our athletes,’ he said. ‘We need to move these games. It is not fair to expect our athletes to boycott something they’ve planned their whole lives around.’

Last month, Scott requested a meeting with President Biden to discuss moving the Olympic Games but told Fox News he has yet to receive any response from the White House.”

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