Sen. Rick Scott: Democrats’ Partisan Plan to Spend Trillions Hurts American Families

February 4, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement condemning Democrats for outright rejecting bipartisanship and using the budget reconciliation process to pass a $2 trillion spending bill that increases America’s crushing national debt and does more to advance wasteful liberal priorities than actually help American families and small businesses.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Congress is as dysfunctional as ever. Democrats only lasted 10 days before they completely rejected bipartisanship and began their one-sided push for a $2 trillion spending bill. Democrats have moved forward with a wasteful spending bill that would increase our already massive national debt, trigger devastating cuts to Medicare, and hurt the poorest families in our nation the most. Only in Washington does that make sense. So much for the Left’s call for unity.

“While the process the Democrats have chosen makes absolutely no sense and ultimately hurts American families, I will never stop fighting for Floridians. I am filing a number of amendments to the budget to rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending, protect Americans, secure the border, and get our children back to school.”

Senator Scott’s amendments to the budget include:

  1. Ensure Legal Immigration and Secure the Border: American innovation and our unique culture are built on legal immigration. But, for too long, politicians in Washington have refused to address the issue of illegal immigration head-on. This amendment ensures that all applicable U.S. Government agencies enforce all immigration laws and provides $20 billion for border security.
  2. Prevent Bailouts to Fiscally Irresponsible States: This amendment prevents funding intended for coronavirus relief from going to wasteful, liberal states to shore up budgets and pension funds and bailout their decades of mismanagement and poor decisions.
  3. Reopen Schools: Health experts, students and parents agree: schools need to reopen and our kids need to get back in school. Senator Scott believes every family should be able to choose an education that best meets the needs of their child and ensures they have the opportunity to succeed. This amendment promotes the availability of school choice vouchers and reopening schools for all students.
  4. Protect Pre-Existing Conditions: Senator Scott believes that all Americans with pre-existing conditions should be protected and have the ability to get the health care plan they want. This amendment mandates that regardless of changes to federal health care law, protections for pre-existing conditions remain in effect.
  5. Pay Down America’s Debt: America is $27 trillion in debt and Congress needs to take decisive action to reverse course. This amendment requires that any increase to the debt ceiling have an equivalent reduction in discretionary federal spending.
  6. No Budget, No Pay: Washington is completely dysfunctional, and the unwillingness to work together has caused multiple government shutdowns. This amendment simply says that if Congress cannot work together to fund the government, they should not be paid.