Sen. Rick Scott & Sen. Mike Braun Lead Bipartisan Colleagues in Blocking Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

December 8, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott and Senator Mike Braun led every Republican senator and two Democrats in blocking President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate by passing S.J. Res. 29. This resolution, which now goes to the House of Representatives, nullifies Biden’s vaccine mandate on private sector employers under the Congressional Review Act.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Joe Biden’s attempt to force an unconstitutional ultimatum on the American people to get the vaccine, or lose your job, is horrible. Under his mandate, if you work for a supermarket, a car dealership, or bank – any company with more than 100 employees – Biden wants to force you into a personal health decision and bring you in line with his socialist doctrine. That’s why today’s passage of our resolution is so important. Today we sent a clear message to President Biden: His unconstitutional vaccine mandates have no place in the United States.


“I had COVID, I got the vaccine and I support people talking to their doctors and making informed decisions, but I am absolutely opposed to a government mandate. Joe Biden has shown that he wants to use the federal government to control every aspect of our lives. We know that’s wrong, and we know that the government doesn’t know better than the American people. I am proud to have joined Senator Braun and a bipartisan group of our colleagues in fighting to repeal this harmful mandate. I’ll never stop working to protect American workers and job creators from ridiculous, burdensome regulations and government overreach.”